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YYC Calgary Travel is a well-trusted full service travel clinic with over 30 years of experience providing patients with the care they desire. Not only do we take care of your medication and health needs, but we help protect and educate you on your travel needs as well as protect you against diseases related to travel. As every patient has unique health conditions, we customize your unique travel vaccines and medications based on getting to know you get that, that’s why we take the time to get to know you.

Understanding your medical history, current health condition, and travel plans, we are actively involved in your well-being. Your health is our #1 priority, so we ensure that each patient receives the knowledge and advice to ensure a safe and risk-free travel adventure.

Due to the various demands on your time we try and accommodate our consultations by offering the following unique services:

Travel with confidence and safety by ensuring you’re receiving the proper vaccinations and travel consultation for you and your family.

Our Trusted Pharmacists

Amyn Kanjee, Bsc. Pharm, CDE, APA, ITSM

Amyn Kanjee, Bsc. Pharm, CDE, APA, ITSM

“As your trusted pharmacist I play a key role in your health care team by ensuring that you get comprehensive medical advice and I help you make sense of the bigger health picture. I take the time to get to know you, understand your health needs and actively get involved in improving your well-being.”

AmynKanjee has been providing exceptional patient care for over 25 years. Amyn obtained Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy (Honours) from the University of Alberta as well as a degree in Microbiology from University of Calgary. Amyn has also completed his Hospital Residency in Pharmacy from the Foothills Hospital. He has also acquired many certificates such as:

"Amyn Kanjee (pharmacist) was very efficient and provided necessary information about medications and travel vaccinations. We told him the countries we were visiting and he reviewed our past vaccinations and advised what was needed for our upcoming trip. He provided us plenty of extra information on travelling and protecting against traveller's diarrhea, food contamination, mosquitoes, and malaria. The Calgary travel clinic is very quick and efficient in administering travel vaccinations. Highly recommended!!"
Natasha Ebrahim