Prices vary depending on prior vaccine history and destination. Most vaccinations are not covered by provincial health care; however, many private insurances cover some or the full price of the vaccine. If you have an insurance plan that provides direct billing, we can submit it to the insurer, and you would be billed the co-pay only.

Provincial health care typically only provides routine vaccinations at no charge, e.g. DPT (Tenatus, Diptheria, Pertussis) every 10 years, MMR if series is not complete. Many private insurers pay for travel vaccines, and we can bill your insurance company to determine the cost you will incur.

It varies depending on the vaccine. Ideally, it is best to start the vaccination process 6 months before travel if you have never had any travel vaccinations in the past. However, many vaccines require a short amount of time for effectiveness or have a “fast track” regime to build immunity faster.

The purpose of a pre-travel consultation is to prepare a traveller of health concerns that they may encounter during a trip. We perform a risk assessment based on the destination, types of activities, current medical conditions and medication history. We educate the traveller regarding the health risks at their travel destination and how to mitigate these risks. We provide immunizations for vaccine-preventable diseases and provide medications for the prevention and/or self-treatment of certain diseases and conditions. 

We stay up to date with geographical risk factors and offer treatment options are current. The following are situations that a traveller might encounter and the guidance we offer:

– self-treatment of problems such as diarrhea and altitude sickness 

– precautions associated with food consumption, water consumption and purification, and close interpersonal contact (e.g., sexually transmitted infections) 

– personal protective measures (e.g., bed nets, insect repellents) required according to destination circumstances 

– symptoms, prevention and treatment of motion sickness, barotraumas, thrombosis/embolism and jet lag 

– symptoms, prevention and treatment of sunburn, heat exhaustion and sunstroke, frostbite and hypothermia, and respiratory distress/failure, according to destination circumstances 

– potential health and security hazards associated with particular travel destinations 

– need for travel insurance

Vaccination is a crucial part of managing the risks of travelling to countries where the possibility of exposure to certain diseases may be significantly higher due to the lack of access to vaccinations and medication by the local population.

Our travel pharmacists are qualified through the International Society of Travel Medicine. They can provide you with current, in-depth and evidence-based risk assessment, disease prevention and treatment for the disease you may be exposed to during your travel. In addition, we have the authority to prescribe the vaccines and medications needed as well as administer the vaccinations. We try to make it as simple and easy as possible and work with any time constraints you may have.

Provincial health care typically only provides routine vaccinations at no charge, e.g. DPT (Tenatus, Diptheria, Pertussis) every 10 years, MMR if series is not complete. Many private insurers pay for travel vaccines, and we can bill your insurance company to determine the cost you will incur.

Public Health can be contacted at 403-214-3641 to request your vaccination record. We can also access any previous vaccination through the Electronic Health Record if you have had any vaccinations administered at another pharmacy. If you are unsure of your immune status (especially for Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B), we can order lab work to determine your antibody titers to determine your immune status.

Once you have filled out the questionnaire you can email or call us to set up an appointment for a video chat. We will then send you a link so that we can have a face to face conversation via your computer, tablet or smartphone regarding your trip, any question or concerns will be addressed at this time. After that, we will make recommendations based on your itinerary, vaccination, medical and medication history. This information will be emailed to you. You can then call, email or video chat if you have any further questions or concerns and to give us the go-ahead. We will then prepare your vaccinations and medications (if applicable), bill your insurance (if applicable) and your credit card and set up a final appointment to provide any vaccinations, medications and information relevant to your trip. Please note that you will be billed a consultation fee before a preliminary video chat appointment.

All vaccine and medication prices are competitive with other pharmacies and travel clinics.

We bill your insurance for you so that you are only responsible for paying the amount not paid by your insurance company.

Simple travel consult (resort/all-inclusive travel) $30 (includes initial injection fee).

Complex travel consult (2 or more destinations, non-resort travel) $50 (includes initial injection fee).

Complicated travel consult (for people with complicated medical conditions and complex medication management) $75 (includes initial injection fee).

Injection fee $20.

Groups of 3 or more people will get a group discount for the travel consult depending on the type of travel consult as long as the destination is the same.

$20 fee per person if we come to you to provide vaccinations and medications. For groups of 3-5 people, $40. For groups of 6-10 $50, for groups of >10 people $50 plus $5 for each additional person. For distances greater than 5 km, the price is negotiable based on distance and number of people.

Travel Vaccines

Business Travel

Global business travel has become much more common in recent years. Unfortunately, many corporate travellers do not consult a travel clinic before departure. Studies suggest that approximately one-quarter of international corporate travellers make travel plans within two weeks of departure, and 19%–70% do not seek travel medical advice. 

Business travel is different from tourism, as there may be exposure to a multitude of tropical and infectious diseases resulting in going to multiple destinations. Business travellers are often under high stress because of job performance requirements, tight schedules, sudden departures, eating calorie-dense restaurant and airline foods, not getting enough exercise, and being separated from home and family. Also, business people usually travel to cities where violence, kidnapping and terrorism are more of a concern than they would be for a tourist travelling to a resort or going on a cruise. Long-term assignments may be associated with culture shock issues.

Studies show that corporate travellers who travel frequently see physicians and other healthcare professionals approximately three times as often as their counterparts who do not travel. A large number of complaints are psychological in nature and amount of complaints associated with mental health issues increases as the number of trips per year increases

As a travel health expert, we are here to ensure that:

Some tips for the business traveler:

School Trips Abroad

At Travel Clinic Calgary, our designated pharmacists are available to advise as well as formulate vaccination and medication requirements for school trips abroad. At your convenience, we can advise and inform parents on all the vaccination requirements for school trips as well as assist with administering the vaccinations and prescribing the necessary medications for your children to ensure a healthy and safe trip abroad.

Adventure Travel

High-Risk Travelers

Visiting Friends and Family